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If you are currently homeless or facing homelessness, please register for the Coordinated Entry System.


This is the BEST way to access help.


  • In the Metro Atlanta area, call the United Way 211 hotline (211 or 404-527-7200).

  • If you are outside the Metro Atlanta area, contact the GA Department of Community Affairs hotline at 844-249-8367 (M-F 9a-5pm) or


Project ReNeWal Domestic Violence Shelter Conyers

Project ReNeWal Domestic Violence Shelter serves women and children from Newton, Rockdale and Walton counties. 


If you are being physically, sexually, emotionally or financially abused by an intimate partner and need help making a plan to leave or finding a place to stay, please call the hotline below. If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

Undisclosed location for safety    24/7 Hotline: 770-860-1666


4Sarah helps female sex workers (including pornography, stripping and prostitution/escorting) as well as victims of sex trafficking exit the sex industry by providing stable housing and wraparound assistance. Single women, pregnant women and women with children are all eligible for help.

Undisclosed location for safety    24/7 Hotline 470-362-8808

Garden of Gethsemane (Rainbow) Shelter Covington

The Garden Of Gethsemane Homeless Shelter serves men, women and children from Newton, Rockdale, Jasper, Morgan and Butts counties. For those with income, there is a $15 dollar per day fee and all clients are expected to participate in chores.


The shelter typically has 82 beds, but currently has limited capacity due to storm damage. People in need typically have to be referred to the shelter by a service agency like law enforcement, DFCS, Salvation Army, United Way, etc.

The shelter has three programs:

  • 30 day Emergency Shelter for families and individuals

  • 6-12 month Transitional Program (based on availability and client circumstances)

  • 3-6 month Re-entry Program for non-violent offenders released from incarceration

7154 Turner Lake Cir SW, Covington, GA 30014     (770) 787-8519 

Bigger Vision Shelter Athens

Bigger Vision’s Emergency Shelter Program is an overnight shelter that provides a safe place to sleep for adult men and women. The shelter also provides a homemade dinner, showers or laundry on an alternating schedule and breakfast in the morning.


The shelter has 34 emergency beds but is only accepting 17 people per night due to COVID social distancing guidelines. Potential guests must call-in at 4:00 pm each night to try to reserve a bed. Calling-in does not guarantee a bed.


Guests are permitted to stay a maximum of 180 days between November 1st and October 31st of the following year. Once a guest has reached 180 stays, they will be eligible to re-enter the Emergency Shelter Program on November 1st of that year.

The shelter has two programs:

  • Emergency overnight shelter

  • Abundant Life Transitional Program (longer-term stay, offers a GED program and job training)


Call (706) 340-6062 ext. 2 at 4:00 pm daily to reserve a bed for that evening

Address: 95 North Avenue, Athens, GA 30601

The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta Red Shield Services Atlanta

The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta Red Shield Services is an overnight shelter that provides a safe place to sleep for men, women, and children. Red Shield does first come, first serve intake at 0800—get in line earlier than that to secure a spot.

The shelter has multiple programs for both single people and families:

  • Cold Weather Program: When the weather is below 40 degrees and if the applicant is not intoxicated.

  • Emergency Assessment Program: Individual applicants can access this program for a 30 day stay, once in a twelve month period. Applicants must be homeless, and need to present a valid form of identification.

  • Family Emergency Program: Applicants must be the head of household with documented proof of custody of children. Applicants can stay up to 60 days, once in a twelve month period. Applicants must present a valid form of identification.

  • Supportive Emergency Program: Applicants can stay up to 90 days, must be homeless, need to present two forms of identification and must have an income or sponsorship.

  • Harbor Light Drug Treatment: Applicants are entered into a 90-day program, must be homeless or referred through U.S. District Courts, must have qualifying medical paperwork prior to entry (call for details) and must complete a screening interview prior to entry. Most beds are fee based, some are free or sponsored.

  • Rapid Rehousing Programs: Rapid Rehousing programs are designed to provide services to those who are in need of obtaining permanent housing or maintaining current housing. 

  • Supportive Emergency Family Program: Applicants must be the head of household with documented proof of custody of children. Families can stay up to 90 days, and must have income or sponsorship.

469 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA 30313         Phone: 404-486-2700


VA- US Department of Veteran's Affairs

Veterans who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness are strongly encouraged to contact the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at (877) 4AID-VET (877-424-3838) for assistance. If you do not have access to a phone, you can present to the Atlanta VA at 1670 Clairmont Rd, Decatur, GA 30033.

Homeless Veteran's Hotline: 877-424-3838

Veteran's Empowerment Organization

VEO offers wraparound support to veterans in crisis including mental health and substance use counseling, transitional and permanent supportive housing, job training and more. 

373 West Lake Avenue NW, Atlanta, GA 30318      Phone: 404-889-8613  or   404-889-8710  

Bridging the Gap Foundation

The BTG Homes for Heroes program provides veterans with transitional and permanent housing solutions and support specifically designed for veterans. For veterans securing their own housing, the agency can assist with rental deposit and utility guarantee programs. Agency also assists with transportation to the Atlanta VA and has multiple other wellness programs for veterans.

Phone: 404-414-0267

Veterans Support Group, Inc (VSG)

VSG helps veterans in need apply for benefits through the VA and offers on-site support including hot breakfast and sack lunches, laundry facilities, showers, support groups and referrals to other agencies for housing services. 

Phone: 770-284-3306


Family Promise of NewRock

Family Promise of NewRock provides transitional housing for families with minor children from Newton and Rockdale counties.  

Family Promise is not an emergency shelter and cannot accept families on the same day they call for help.


The program provides basic needs including shelter and food for 30-120 days while parents and save 50-80% of their income towards future housing.


To qualify, parents must have legal custody of at least one child under the age of 18, be drug free (routine drug screening is performed), have no felony conviction history (background check is performed), and be willing and physically able to work.

Intake: 470-721-4549

Phoenix Pass

Phoenix Pass serves the needs of women and their children experiencing temporary homelessness by giving them an opportunity to reestablish self-sufficiency in a residential setting. The program at Phoenix Pass provides participants with supportive services and the resources to recover and rebuild a productive, stable lifestyle for themselves and their children.

Families live rent-free in furnished apartments for up to two years. During this time they are required to work and save 30% of their income, design and implement an Individual Service Plan that outlines their goals, attend 26 classes designed to help them re-establish self-sufficiency and attend weekly coaching sessions to hold them accountable in meeting their goals.

Intake: 770-760-1020


Covington Housing Authority

The Covington Housing Authority manages low-cost housing for low-income families in Newton County. There is a waiting list for housing and the list is only open for new applications at certain times. Check their website regularly for updates.

5160 Alcovy Road, Covington, GA 30014        Phone: 770-786-7739

Jefferson Inn Men's Boarding House in Covington

$650-700 monthly for furnished single room with mini-fridge, microwave and utilities. Shared bathrooms. Laundry on-site. 16 rooms.

Prospective tenants must have income, complete an application, interview and pass a background check. Must be able to walk and independent with caring for self. Absolutely no substance use permitted. Serves adult men only.

2198 Lee Street SW, Covington, GA 30014        Phone: 770-356-0139   

My Vet's Homes Boarding Houses (Various Locations in Fulton and Clayton Counties)

$575-850 per month for furnished room; cost depends on location and if room is shared or private. Utilities included. Must be able to walk and independent with caring for self. Serves adult men and women.

Phone: 404-552-0467


Sober living residences are for people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. They are usually regular houses that are shared between anywhere from 4-12 people in recovery and overseen by a house manager.


Sober living residences are for people who have already detoxed and are looking for a place to start rebuilding. Residents are expected to work, pay rent, take random drug tests and attend outpatient therapy and/or AA while living in the home.


Serenity House of Atlanta Ministries

Covington and Atlanta GA

(844) 473-7364


Damascus Road Recovery

Covington, GA

(770) 787-1976


Charles Christian Tuller House

Covington, GA

(678) 712-6481


Our House of Restoration

Covington, GA

(678) 414-8863



Sober Living America

(877) 430-0086



Personal Care Homes are live-in placement options that provide care for seniors and people with disabilities in a home-like setting. Personal Care Homes are run by all kinds of individuals, from registered nurses to people with no medical experience. Sometimes the homeowner lives in the facility, while others are run like a business with shifts of caregivers.

Personal Care Homes can be an option for finding placement for people who don’t quite meet the criteria for nursing home placement, but may not have the funds for assisted living.

Most personal care homes are located in regular neighborhoods and have been renovated for older residents. Seniors who live in these homes will typically have at least one roommate. Some homes may only have the ability to care for three or four residents, where others can care for many more.

Some homes are simply for people who may need companionship or help with cooking, laundry, housekeeping, and transportation while other homes help with physical care including feeding, dressing, toileting and bathing.

With few exceptions, people who live in personal care homes must be somewhat mobile. People who are unable to leave their beds or who cannot get in and out of a wheelchair even with staff assistance are unable to be placed in a personal care home. Per state rules and regulations, they would instead need to look at nursing home placement to ensure that their care needs are met.

Costs for Personal Care Homes vary greatly based on the location of the home and the level of care needed and can range from $2,000 to $3,500 per month.


For low-income people that receive social security or disability the state may help pay for Personal Care Home placement through something called a Medicaid Waiver.


 Georgia Health Services Network is a placement service that can help people find homes that accept state payment. You can contact them at 770-466-7771. 

In Georgia, Personal Care Homes are licensed and inspected by the state. You can find care homes close to you and check their previous state inspection reports at the Georgia Department of Community Health


Assisted Living is a long-term senior care option designed for people who require help with everyday activities such as meals, medication management or assistance with bathing, dressing and transportation. Laundry, housekeeping and social activities are typically provided.


Accommodations and options may vary greatly from one assisted living community to the next. Some facilities offer full apartments, some studios with kitchenettes, while some are private or shared rooms.


It is important to remember that assisted living communities are a bridge between living at home and living in a nursing home. Assisted living communities do not typically provide the level of continuous skilled nursing care found in nursing homes and hospitals. As with personal care homes, people typically must be at least somewhat mobile in order to reside in an assisted living facility.


Assisted Living is not covered by Medicare or medical insurance and is typically paid for out of pocket. However, some long-term care insurance policies and Veteran's Administration benefits may help pay for Assisted Living.


Assisted Living facilities typically charge a base rate for room and board as with additional charges for special services. The average cost of Assisted Living in our area ranges from $3,200-$5,000 per month.

In Georgia, Assisted Living Facilities are licensed and inspected by the state. You can find Assisted Living Facilities close to you and check their previous state inspection reports at the Georgia Department of Community Health. Some local facilities are listed below for your convenience:

Benton House                       

7155 Dearing Road, Covington, 30014


The Oaks at Ashton Hills     

10050 Eagle Drive, Covington, 30014



11980 Highway 142 N, Oxford , 30054


The Magnolias                       

934 S. Main Street, Conyers, 30012



Skilled Nursing Facilities or Nursing Homes are long-term residences for elderly and disabled people who are unable to live in the community due to requiring 24/7 caregiving for activities including feeding, bathing, toileting, dressing and mobility.


While Medicare will pay for short-term placement at a Skilled Nursing Facility when skilled services like specialized nursing or physical therapy are needed after a hospital stay, Medicare will NEVER pay for someone to live at a nursing facility.

Nursing Homes/Skilled Nursing Facilities charge each resident approximately $6,000 per month to live at the facility. As most families cannot afford this, most residents apply for a special kind of nursing home Medicaid to cover the cost of their care. 


Nursing home residents share a room with at least one other roommate. Nursing homes typically have one nurse for every 25-30 patients and one aide for every 12-15 patients. The nurse completes a patient assessment once each shift and gives medications while the aide assists the resident with bathing, dressing and toileting. The facility will provide the patient's medications and meals, but family will need to provide clothing, haircut/styling services, cable TV and any room decorations. 

You can look up area nursing homes including quality information at Below are the two nursing homes located in Newton County. If you need to place a loved one in a nursing home, contact the facility and ask to speak with the admissions representative.

Riverside Health Care     

5100 West St, Covington, 30014


Pruitt Health Care   

4148 Carroll St SW, Covington, 30014       


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