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Medical Equipment for Insured

For people with health insurance, most medical equipment will be at least partially covered by your plan as long as you have a prescription/order from a doctor stating that the equipment is medically necessary. The following local stores sell a variety of medical equipment and supplies:

Med Resources                 1174 Monticello St SW, Covington, GA 30014       (678) 658-4663  

Carmichael's Pharmacy    9148-D, Highway 278, Covington, GA 30014       (678) 712-4570   

Medical Equipment for Uninsured

FODAC-Friends of Disabled Adults and Children

FODAC is a non-profit located in Stone Mountain, Georgia that offers refurbished medical equipment for a one-time new client fee of $25. They have larger items like hospital beds, Hoyer lifts, lift chairs and more in addition to smaller items like wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs, bedside commodes. They can usually deliver larger items for $100-150 depending on distance.

FODAC also has an Assistive Technology program that offers eating utensils and dressing aids to devices to make computers more accessible. 

4900 Lewis Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30083       770-491-9014

Willing Helpers Clinic

Willing Helpers free clinic often has medical equipment including wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, braces, shower chairs, bedside commodes and more available at no cost. Items are all used and have been donated by the community.


4186 Mill Street NE Covington, GA 30014      678-625-8317

Repairers of the Breach

Repairers of the Breach is a thrift center that often has medical equipment and supplies including wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs, bedside commodes and more for sale. If you are in need of a specific item and have no funding, please visit to see if they can be of assistance. 

5120 Old Brown Bridge Rd SW, Covington, GA 30014      (770) 787-7250

Ostomy Supplies

FREE Ostomy Supplies for Uninsured:


Hollister Patient Assistance Program   (888) 808-7456

Coloplast Patient Assistance Program (877) 781-2656

Convatec Access Program                    (800) 422-8811

Friends of Ostomates Worldwide

Kindred Box                                   

Low-Cost Ostomy Supplies:

Ostomy 211: 
For $25, you will receive items for 10 changes (ie 10 bags, 10 wafers, powder, and paste). 
Barrier rings or tape are $5 extra. ($5 for 10 rings and another $5 for tape strips – 1/2 moons)

Adult Nutritional Formula

If you require tube feeding, but cannot afford formula, here are a few options for help:

The Oley Foundation has a free exchange program connects people in need of formula to people donating formula. You will have to meet the donator in person to pick-up or pay for shipping.

Abbott Nutrition has a patient assistance program that will provide formula to adults without insurance who are unable to eat anything by mouth and rely 100% on tube feeding for their nutrition. The program is free if you qualify.

FODAC (770) 491-9014 and Willing Helpers Free Clinic 678-625-8317 occasionally have donated formula available. Call and ask what they have in stock. Repairers of the Breach (770) 787-7250 sometimes has formula. Drop in to see what they have available.

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