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Parenting Classes and Support

Prevent Child Abuse Rockdale/Newton

Newton/Rockdale Positive Parenting Program

The Newton & Rockdale Positive Parenting Program is a family support program for young adults. You may be eligible for The Positive Parenting Program if you are 12 to 25 years old and expecting (or just delivered your baby) and live in either Newton or Rockdale County. This home-visit program offers a lot of support and information because babies don’t come with instructions!

6 week Active Parenting classes:

  • 1, 2, 3, 4 Parents! is a 6 week program designed for parents of children 1 to 4 year old age group. The program addresses basic parenting skills, the stages of development, and more. It is prefect for the new parent, teen parents and caregivers.

  • Active Parenting is a 6 week program specially designed to address specific issues facing parents of 5 – 12 year old children. This dynamic and interactive program can help you develop good communication skills, understand your child’s development, and foster a cooperative and loving home environment.

  • Active Parenting of Teens is a six week program designed to assist parents of teenagers. Learn new ways to reach your teen, foster cooperation and deal with issues specific to parenting teenagers.

  • Managing Stress & Anger in the Family is a 6 week program designed to help parents gain more understanding of what stress is and how anger relates to it. Topics addressed are assertive communication, problem solving and conflict resolution, anger vs. violence, anger cues, relaxation techniques, time-outs and self control plans.

​(770) 483-7333

1-800-CHILDREN (1-800-244-5373) Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM 

PCA Georgia’s 1-800-CHILDREN Helpline is a free statewide service that connects parents, caregivers, and professionals with information and supportive resources they can use wherever they live in Georgia. Think of it as a statewide community resource guide!



The Helpline’s 3,000+ resources are also available online through PCA Georgia’s Resource Map, to help anyone find local support 24/7 throughout the state,

  • Why People Call:

    • Parenting support

    • Counseling and support groups

    • Referrals for legal needs

    • Grandparent issues

    • Child abuse and prevention information

    • Concern about well-being of a child or family member

    • Family violence concerns

    • Community resources

    • Resources for special needs children

Help Me Grow Georgia (Ages Birth to 5): 888-HLP-GROW (1-888-457-4769)Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM

Help Me Grow Georgia is a free, confidential, access point for healthcare referrals and follow-up services to support the well-being of children birth to 8 years old, and their families by linking them to essential services within their community. By actively listening to needs of clients, Help Me Grow liaisons work to help link them to developmental screening, day care, early learning resources and behavioral services by coordinating with child focused programs within the local community. In 2019, 3,702 callers were served through the Help Me Grow Georgia line.



Families can also be connected to resources that support optimal health such as:

  • Dental, Vision & Medical Care providers

  • Mental Health & Substance Abuse Support

  • Food, Clothing and Housing Assistance

  • Medication Assistance

Children 1st (Ages Birth to 5): 1-855-707-8277  Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM 

The Children 1st Information and Referral Center (IRC) initiates contact with new mothers with infants at risk for poor growth and developmental delay.


The IRC also serves as an intake telephone line for referrals from families and physicians interested in Children 1st or other DPH child health programs and services.


Families served by the IRC are linked to the local Children 1st program in their area as well as community-based programs and services such as a primary care provider for their families.

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