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When will insurance pay for medical transportation?

Most types of Georgia Medicaid (including SSI disability and family Medicaid) will pay for non-emergency transportation to any doctor office visit or dialysis clinic or wound care clinic appointment.


Medicaid will cover standard, wheelchair, or stretcher transportation depending on your needs.

Appointments must be scheduled at least 3 days in advance.


You can bring one support person with you if needed.


Call 1-888-224-7981 to check your coverage and schedule rides


Traditional Medicare
Traditional Medicare only pays for “medically necessary” stretcher transportation via ground ambulance. Stretcher transportation is considered “medically necessary” if you are “confined to bed” and unable to walk or sit in a wheelchair. 


Transport is typically only covered if you are having scheduled care at a freestanding outpatient clinic (like dialysis or wound care). Transport to regular doctor office visits are typically not covered. You will have a 20% copay for each ambulance ride if you do not have a secondary insurance plan.

Medicare Advantage Plans and Commercial Insurance
Some Medicare Advantage and commercial insurance plans (ie United Health Care, Blue Cross, Humana) offer more transportation benefits than traditional Medicare.


Some plans will cover a limited number of standard and/or wheelchair transports in addition to stretcher transport and will provide transport to regular doctor visits in addition to freestanding clinics like dialysis or wound care.

  • BCBS Anthem Medicare Advantage: 1-866-381-4858

  • Humana Medicare Advantage: 1-866-588-5122

  • UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage: 1-866-418-9812

  • Wellcare Medicare 1-888-822-6135


Call the number on the back of your insurance card to determine if you have transportation coverage. 

Other Resources:
The local Area Agency on Aging can direct you to transportation programs for seniors and people with disabilities.

Northeast Georgia Area Agency on Aging    706-583-2546                                       


People with cancer can often receive transportation help through their cancer navigator or oncology social worker.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation providers

The providers below typically have drivers who can help with getting in and out of transport van and some offer wheelchair and/or stretcher transportation for people unable to walk.


Standard and Wheelchair Transport 

5-Star Transportation                     


LifeCore Transportation                 


Standard, Wheelchair, and Stretcher Transport Services

Pope Care Transportation             


Allstars Transportation                  


City Wide Transportation              


Caregiver Assist Transportation   


Advantage Transportation            


Destiny Transportation                  


Stretcher Transport Services

NGMT Ambulance Service           


Chariot EMS                                    


Enhanced Medical Transport       


Care Techs Medical                       


Phoenix EMS                         


Patriot EMS                                     


BTA Transport LLC                       


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